About Stuart MacFarlane Therapist

Brief Introduction to Stuart MacFarlane Therapist

Psychology is a unique field that sits on the cusp of two very important subjects: science and health. It is used to study people’s behaviors, thought processes and mental operations, which serves as a vital lifeline because it helps us understand mental health issues. Psychology delves into numerous aspects of mind, such as cognition, decision-making, emotion responses, feelings and so much more.

The world of psychology has proven extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. Many people are familiar with the practice of psychological treatment to aid in the recovery from vatious mental health issues, from depression to anxiety to bereavement. Therapy and treatment can help people overcome and resolve psychological problems, and one of the most notable therapists is Stuart MacFarlane.

Stuart MacFarlane has over three decades of experience in the field of psychology and has helped many hundreds of adults and adolescents manage their psychological dilemmas. Whether they sought treatment for bipolar disorder, drug/alcohol abuse, relationship counselling, depression or another mental illness, he has treated them and been able to help them.

Throughout his career, MacFarlane has trained under some of the best known professionals in the field like Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who developed the five stages of grief theory. Additionally, MacFarlane worked with the internationally recognized Jungian Analyst, Gregg M. Furth, who was responsible for igniting MacFarlane’s passion for Jungian Analysis and eventually lead him to study and graduate at the Guild of Analytical Psychology (GAP) in London, England.


MacFarlane is an Australian native but currently resides in London where he continues to study psychology and Jungian Analysis.